Coffee with Dr.Rudran & Dr. Shalini

Child abuse happens when an adult mistreats or neglects a child.

Physical Abuse -Beating,  Kicking, Hitting, Shaking, Burning, Biting, Bunching which harms a child's body.

Emotional Abuse constantly blaming, criticising or putting down a child; excessive yelling, shaming,ignoring a child and refusing to show affection.

Sexual Abuse - incest,showing pornography, any forced sexual activity, exposure to sexual stimulation not appropriate for the child's age.

Neglect - A pattern of failure to provide for the child's physical needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care; a pattern of failure to provide for the child's emotional needs, such as affection, attention, and supervision.

Let's talk about child abuse, educate yourself and others….

Talk with: Dr. Rudran & Dr. Shalini

Venue: New Horizon Media Private Limited

33/15, Eldams Road, 

Alwarpet, Chennai 600018 

Date & Time: 10 May 2009; 4.30 pm

For more details please contact:

Mr. Narsim9940666868


Mr. Yuva Krishnan:9841354308

Mr. Murali Kannan: 9444884964

Mr. Shanker : 9840332666


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